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2. Ads are not displayed?


If an ad is not displayed as expected, or ads are not displayed at all, this troubleshooting guide may help you further.

Ads are not displayed?

Let's make sure things are set up correctly, including:
  • Status: are all campaigns, creatives and zones activated?
  • Flight schedule: is the campaign scheduled to be served? And the creative itself?
  • Assignments: is the campaign assigned to the correct zone?
  • Ad Size: does your zone accept only a selected number of ad dimensions by using the Ad Size Filter? Is your creative in the correct size?
  • Pacing: did you configure the campaign to spread impressions over time? If so, the campaign may not always be shown.
  • Tiers: does your zone have campaigns assigned that are in a higher tier than the campaign you're looking for? If so, they may take over.
  • Targeting: check if targeting rules prevent the campaign from being displayed. Also check targeting at creative level. Disable temporarily to debug.
  • Ad blocker: any chance you have an ad blocker installed? Or using Safari/Firefox with a strict privacy mode? Try another browser or device.
  • Deduplication: if you have enabled the deduplication policy on the Settings page, is the creative already shown elsewhere on the page?
  • Lazy loading: if you have enabled lazy loading at zone level, does disabling it help?
  • Creative blocking: did you block the creative(s) at zone level?
  • Implementation: was the ad tag added to the page correctly? You can inspect this using Chrome Dev Tools (search for the zID on the Network tab).
  • 3P ad tag: if you're expecting to see a third-party ad from a different ad server, make sure it loads fine by adding the creative's ad code on a test page, or use tools like AdValify's Ad Tag Tester.
  • Subscription: is your AdGlare license still active, or is it deactivated due to non-payment or exceeding your ad request limit?