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Data Exports

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1. Introduction
2. Why use it?
3. Prerequisites
4. How to export?
5. Limitations


Data Exports (or data shipping) is a feature that allows you to get a row-level log of all events that passed through your ad server.

Why use it?

The main use cases for using data exports are:
  • Investigating peaks: you can analyze which IP addresses are responsible for a highly number of clicks or conversions.
  • Discrepancy checks: compare row-level event data with your third party to understand why there's a discrepancy between reports
  • Insights: use the row-level logs to analyze your data in more depth using your own tool, like Google BigQuery.


  • Data Exports are available on the Enterprise plan. Contact support in case you wish to upgrade.

How to export?

On the Reports page, click the 3-dots at the top right, then choose 'Data Exports'. Select the event you're interested in and indicate which dimensions you want to include in your export file. Click 'Run Export'. You'll be able to export the full data as a Zip file.
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An export contains event data of a single day. If you need to export data over a week or longer, you can repeat the export process multiple times.