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AdGlare Subscription

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1. Overview
2. Free trial period
3. Trial extensions
4. Minimum term and contracts
5. Subscribing to a plan
6. Upgrading/downgrading
7. Changing your card
8. Cancelling a plan
9. Grace periods
10. Freezing a subscription


Get an answer to any question you may have regarding your AdGlare subscription.

Free trial period

During your trial you can test AdGlare with all features unlocked. You can use up to 10 million ad requests during your trial period.

When your trial ends

When your trial ends, your ads will be offline. You can then choose to:
  • Subscribe to a plan (preferred). Subscribe to any plan by adding your credit card. Ad serving will resume immediately. You'll be charged only after your free trial period ends. This means your free trial days are on us, even if you decide to sign up for a paid plan before it ends.
  • Stop using AdGlare (not preferred). If AdGlare was not a fit, your data will be removed 30 days after your trial ends. Up until that time, you have the possibility to reactivate your trial if needed. To better understand your use case, it would be great if you could leave a few words why we're not a fit.

Trial extensions

Reach out in case you need more time testing the ad server. In most cases you can be granted an extension.

Minimum term and contracts

The minimum term is 1 month. You can cancel your plan up until the last day of your monthly billing period. There are no contracts to sign. All plans can be considered pay-as-you-go.

Subscribing to a plan

To subscribe, click the orange Upgrade button at the top right. Add your credit card, confirm that it can be charged recurringly every month for the amount displayed and complete the signup. Welcome on board! :)


To upgrade or downgrade, please send an email to your AdGlare account manager mentioning the plan you're interested in.

In case of an upgrade, a pro-rated fee will be charged to cover the difference between the two plans. For example, if you're on a 10M plan at $499 and you upgrade to 25M at $899, your upgrade fee will be at 899-499 = $400.

In case of a downgrade, the downgrade will be applied when your next monthly billing period starts.

Changing your card

To change your card on file, click Settings from the menu, then choose License & Plan. Click the blue 'Change Card' button to update your card on file. If you have a pending invoice due to card failure, the charge will be automatically tried again using your new card.

Cancelling a plan

Sad to see you leave :/ To cancel your plan, please send an email to your account manager asking to do so. Your plan will be canceled within 24 hours, even during the weekend. No further charges on your card will be made. Any unpaid invoice will be waived. Note that you'll loose access to your portal at the end of your billing period - you may want to download reports or invoices proactively.

Grace periods

AdGlare has a grace period in two situations: when you hit your plan's ad request limit, and when your card charge failed.
  • Ad request limit: You'll be notified by email and via a warning message in your portal when you have reached 85% and 100% of your plan's limit. This allows you to proactively upgrade to a plan that is sufficient for your expected number of ad requests. If you are unable to upgrade proactively, there's a grace period that equals 1% of your plan's limit before ads are taken offline. For example, if you're on a 100M plan, you can serve up to 1 million additional ads after reaching your limit.
  • Failed credit card charge: Of course it can happen that you've reached your card's limit for the month, or that your card simply expired. In that case you'll receive an email about the failed charge, as well as a message in your AdGlare portal. Your card on file will be tried again periodically in subsequent days. If your card still cannot be charged 14 days after your billing period ended, your account may be temporarily suspended until further notice. To avoid this scenario, it's important to be available by email and address the issue the earliest.

Freezing a subscription

AdGlare doesn't have an option to freeze and unfreeze an account. If you have temporarily less demand or traffic, you can consider to downgrade to the lowest plan possible to save on monthly expenses. Your new rate will be applied directly when your new billing cycle starts.

Another option is to cancel your subscription, and sign up again when demand or traffic returns.