Display Ad Server
Serve ads in standard fixed-size ad units
Native Ad Server
Serve native ads on your web page or app
Video Ad Server
Serve MP4 video ads as pre/mid/post-rolls
For Publishers
Maximize revenue for direct deals.
For Advertisers
Optimize campaigns, real-time insights.


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1. Overview
2. Adding a zone
3. Inside a zone
4. Removing a zone


A zone is defined as the place where the ad should be shown on a web page or app. A zone has one or more campaigns assigned.

Adding a zone

On the Zones page, click the blue button to add a zone. Then choose your ad format:
  • Display Ad
  • Native Ad
  • VAST Video Ad
Give it a name and click the save button.

Inside a zone

Zones Settings AdGlare AdServer


  • Zone Status. The status can be either Active or Paused. Only zones with the status Active can serve ads.
  • Auto-Refresh. Display Ads only: automatically refresh the zone by loading a new ad after a period of time.
  • Ad Sizes. Display Ads only: indicate which ad sizes you allows in this zone. Important to set if you expect for example only 300x250 ads in this zone.
  • Lazy Loading. Defer loading of the ad until the zone is scrolled into view. For example, if the zone's ad tag has been added to the bottom of the page, only load an ad when the user actually scrolls all the way down. This improves the user-experience, viewability metrics and page performance.


On this tab you can assign one or more campaigns to the zone. A zone should have at least 1 campaign assigned in order for it to serve ads.


This tab shows all ads that can (in theory) be served in the zone. It's basically a list of all creatives from all campaigns that you have assigned to the zone. Note that I wrote 'in theory', as not all creatives may be eligible. Think about creatives with start/end dates, creatives that are on hold, have targeting rules, etc.


The properties tab shows some information about the zone, like the zone ID, the type and who created/modified it. This is also the place where you can edit the zone name.

Removing a zone

To remove a zone, either:
  • Open the zone, then click the 'More' icon at the top right. Choose 'Remove Zone'.
  • In the list of zones, click the checkbox in front of the zone. Then choose 'Remove' from the bar at the top.