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This article outlines the steps to take to install AdGlare's WordPress plug-in on your website, and how connect it to your ad server. At the moment the plug-in is offered as a preliminary beta-release, which contains basic functionality to insert all currently supported ad formats into your website.
1 Download the plug-in here.
2 Unzip the content into your WordPress folder under /wp-content/plugins.
3 Log in to your WordPress admin panel and click Plugins from the menu.
4 Find AdGlare Ad Manager, and click the Activate link.
5 From the menu at the left, browse to AdGlare => Installation.
6 Enter your License Key. You'll find this key in your AdGlare portal under Settings => WordPress Plug-in.
7 From the menu at the left, browse to AdGlare => Ad Zones. Insert your zones here. Done!
Note that the plug-in populates all zones you currently have in your ad server. If no zones are found, you have to create them first via your AdGlare portal. If you have requests for more functionality of this plug-in, please feel free to contact us mentioning your requirements.

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